Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning services include commercial mold removal, bio-hazard clean up, steam cleaning, deodorization, pressure cleaning, and more. If you have any question about any of our services please contact us. GO CLEANCO is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration.

Mold Removal

  • Begin commercial mold removal through cleaning, scraping, and sealing
  • Contain contaminated area and remove microscopic spores from the air
  • Dry damaged commercial materials before mold removal
  • Reconstruct damaged materials after mold removal
  • Supply third-party indoor air quality testing before and after mold removal

Hazardous Abatement

  • Remove asbestos and lead-based paint
  • Trauma clean-up, meth lab clean-up, and PCB clean-up
  • Assess and perform biohazard clean-up and remove chemical contaminations
  • Clean and sanitize floors, restrooms, interior surfaces, and any other affected areas

Floor, Carpet, & Upholstery

  • Steam clean carpet, tile, and commercial upholstery
  • Strip and wax commercial hard floors
  • Remove stains, spots, and scuffs to brighten commercial floor surfaces


  • Remove commercial odors caused by fire damage, cigarette smoke, or sewage back up
  • Locate, clean, and disinfect the source of the odor
  • Utilize vapor emissions and ozone generators to restore commercial air quality

Pressure Cleaning

  • Use high-pressure water and cleaning agents to clean all commercial exterior surfaces
  • Remove mildew, graffiti, and dirt from walls, windows, gutters, sidewalks, and parking lots